A great? year.

It is hard to say that this has been "a great year" and not cringe a little bit.  We have been able to help thousands of men and women.  And to serve over 10,000 plates of food.  And I know that is remarkable.  And that we are blessed to have wonderful volunteers and a great donor base.  But it is really cold outside.  And this Monday there will be 150+ desperate men, women, and children in line looking for help.  And it should never be lost on us, that even in a great year, the need swells.  And there is no end to the need.

We don't promise to end homelessness.  We hope to create opportunities.  And 2nd chances.  And 3rd chances.  And 4th and 5th if needed.  Our hope is that men and women will get back on their feet.  And that more opportunities will come.  And that at the end of a season, more and more people will be able to smile and say that it was a great year in Philadelphia.

Posted on December 10, 2016 .